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About Parkchester, Bronx, New York 10462

Parkchester is a neighborhood located in the Bronx, New York 10462. Parkchester is bordered with Morris Park, a closely knit neighborhood whose residents are mostly of Italian descent. Parkchester's most recognizable landmark is the Parkchester Apartment and Condominium Complex.


Parkchester Apartment and Condominium Complex, also referred to as just Parkchester and sometimes referred to as Parkchester Condos, Parkchester Housing, PNC (Parkchester North Condominium) and also PSC (Parkchester South Condominium) is an ethnically diverse and thriving middle-class community located on 121 acres in the middle of the Parkchester, Bronx, New York area. Over 82,000 individuals live and work in the Parkchester community of 112 residential buildings, 8000 apartments and numerous commerical enterprises including major retailers, theaters, restaurants and small specialty shops.


Parkchester was developed between 1939-1942 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and owned by the same. Originally, Parkchester operated as a self contained rental community managed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. In 1974, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company converted approximately one-third of Parkchester into condominiums and sold them to individuals, realtors/brokers and investors. In 1986, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company sold the remaining two-thirds of Parkchester to it's current management team, Parkchester Preservation Management. Those units sold to Parkchester Preservation Management, to this day, have remained as rental units.


The four quadrants of the development were divided into two entities: Parkchester North Condominium comprising the North Quadrant and Parkchester South Condominium comprising the East Quadrant, West Quadrant and South Quadrants.  Parkchester North Condominium consists mostly of the owned units/condominiums and are managed by an independent real estate management firm, Grenadier Management.  Some of the owned units in PNC (Parkchester North Condominium) have since been rented or sold by their original owners.  Parkchester South Condominium consists mostly of the rental units and are managed by Parkchester Preservation Management.


Most Parkchester residents today are of Asian descent, Black, Latino and Indian but a new wave of owners and renters of almost every ethnic group have moved into the area.  The complex once had a "whites only" policy, however, current residents prefer to forget about Parkchester's discriminatory past.  Parkchester, BRONX, NEW YORK is easily accessible by public transportation, via the 6 train and is close to major highways including the Cross Bronx, the Bronx River Parkway and the Bruckner Expressway. Parkchester maintains public parks and a variety of recreational services and events for residents.


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