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Parkchester parking garage at 2040 east tremont avenue

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Parkchester parking garage at 1900 archer road

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Central Parking System Inc.

Three (3) Central Parking System Parkchester Locations:

- 2040 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY

- 1900 Archer Road, Bronx, NY

- 1500 Unionport Road, Bronx, NY


1-718-828-7350 Archer Road Location

1-718-828-6660 General Information

1-718-828-6661 General Information

1-800-836-6666 General Information

central parking system

Garage Hours:  24 hrs. 7 days

Capacity:  max.

Hourly Rates:

Up to 2 hours - $5.00

Up to 5 hours - $6.50

Up to 8 hours - $10.00

24 hours - $13.00

SUV's, Vans, Oversize Vehicles $7.00 extra


Monthly Rates:

Roof - $150.00

Indoor - $180.00

Indoor/Main floor - $200.00

Download the Central Parking System Monthly Parking Enrollment application.


Posted Parkchester parking rates may change at any time.

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