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Parkchester Security Just Harrassed Me Again

Posted: Mar 26 2014 at 10:00am | Views: 3260
I'm in NJ now, happy as can be, and with a much better landlord, a landlord that's more professional and knows how to treat good tenants, and pinpoint the rachet ones.

Posted: Mar 26 2014 at 9:59am | Views: 3260
Yes I am out of there since November 2013. By the way, I'm hearing that they've been firing people left and right at the management office, especially the security. I'm thinking that maybe the sh** has finally hit the fan LOL. But yeah I'm out of there. Let this be a lesson for the landlords: don't bully good tenants that aren't doing anything wrong. I hope they fired those bitches that harassed me.

Posted: Mar 01 2013 at 10:32am | Views: 3260
movingout2013, Did you move away from Parkchester yet?

Posted: Feb 21 2013 at 10:15am | Views: 3260
Forget June 2013... I need to get out of here NOW. They came to my door AGAIN, on my day off, ringing my doorbell, and at the same time right after that, banging on my door. Is that really necessary? Really dude, you need to ring my doorbell AND bang on my door?

What kind of training is that?

People blast loud music here and they can't even monitor that. So are they telling me that blasting loud music is allowed? And yet they want to bother me because some employee told them that I have a washing machine when I don't??

What I find hilarious is that they always want to come into your apartment to see what you possess. Not happening. That's none of your business. For as long as I live here in Parkchester (which won't be for long actually), noone steps into my living quarters for ANYTHING, except for family and friends.

I'm looking at March 2013/April 2013 to get out of here now. I need to be somewhere where I can live in peace and not have their security dept. harass me like this. This is truly ridiculous.

Don't move to Parkchester because you won't have privacy and you won't be able to live your life in peace. Why move anywhere else? Now you know why.

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