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AvatarParking in Parkchester - Is Linden drive considered parkchester north or south?

Is Linden Drive considered Parkchester North or Parkchester South? ...
AvatarParkchester a dog sh** community

Parkchester a dog sh** community and the leaders should all kill themselves. f**k parkchester nigga ...
AvatarWhat's good with Fowler Laundromats?

Why do Fowler machines start their denominations at $5? Why do they not use bills starywith $1? This way it's more convenient......
AvatarCORONAVIRUS in Parkchester

I hope to see this coronavirus issue disappear real soon. It's highly unlikely but we can still hope, right ...
AvatarCORONAVIRUS in Parkchester

Now a tiger has contracted coronavirus / covid 19 from a human.Your cat, dog, parakeet can give you coronavirus.What if rats in Parkchester......
AvatarCORONAVIRUS in Parkchester

Will coronavirus testing sites be opened in or anywhere near Parkchester? ...
AvatarCORONAVIRUS in Parkchester

This will get much worse. Many more will die and the age of the dead will be much younger than expected.As of now we're seeing......
AvatarCORONAVIRUS in Parkchester

This coronavirus pandemic is real yet seems so unreal.Parkchester is a breeding ground for coronavirus. You must keep your family......
AvatarFree College Tuition for New York State residents

Free College Tuition for New York State residents via the new Excelsior Scholarship Program.The Excelsior ScholarshipMaking public......
AvatarBronx Golden Corral Parkchester Opening Summer 2017

Bronx Golden Corral Parkchester Opening Summer 2017 Golden Corral Buffet & Grill proudly announces that its newest restaurant will......