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Renovate, remodel and get special services and repairs for your home, Parkchester apartment or condominium by using the provided resources on this page. You may also call .
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Use these resources to get in contact with competing contractors and to get quotes, from licensed contractors and servicemen, for Kitchen, Bathroom, Air Conditioning, Pest Control & Exterminators, Tiling, Flooring, Ceiling Fans, Kitchen Cabinets or any other service or repair needs.

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To be contacted, choose any one or all of the contractor options listed below to get help with home renovations and/or remodeling projects, air conditioner installs, bathroom work, kitchen work or any other services you may need.

Tip: Get a quote for your particular home renovation, repair, service and/or remodeling project by using each of the contractor options listed above. You will be quoted the best price from competing contractors.

Advice: Steps to take to have a good contractor relationship:

  • Ask your chosen contractor for his or her license number and check with your local government to make sure the license number is legitimate.
  • Check the reputation of your chosen contractor by contacting your local better business bureau (bbb) and your county and state consumer protection offices.
  • Once you have chosen your contractor, only pay 25% or less upfront. Don't make your final payment until your are completely satisfied with your contractor's work.

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