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Parkchester Apartment and Condominium unit owners are responsible for most interior apartment repairs, renovations and remodeling projects except those covered under common area/element items. Residents who lease and rent from a unit owner should contact the unit owner to schedule interior service/repairs and should get permission from the unit owner before starting any renovation and/or remodeling projects. All residents can contact the Service Department for emergency repairs resulting from a water or sewer line pipe break; interruption in water, heat or electrical services; or sewer line stoppage.

Parkchester South Department


Parkchester Contractors for Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Ceiling Fans and more.

These specific items listed below are handled by Parkchester Condominium Service Department, there will be no charge, costs are included in the common charges):

  • hallways
  • apartment door
  • windows
  • most locks
  • elevators
  • exterior structural components
  • flush-o-meter toilets
  • behind the wall plumbing pipes
  • electrical wiring
  • all outdoor areas
For only the above items, call   or 718-518-1000
For other items such as ceiling fans, bathroom & kitchen remodeling, window fixtures, blinds, pest control, etc. Get licensed contractor quotes here.

You will be responsible for making these type of repairs on your own - You can either hire your own licensed serviceman/contractor or you can hire Parkchester staff directly through the service department for a reasonable fee):

Use the renovate/remodel options to be quoted your best price and then call the Parkchester service office at 1-718-518-1000 or to see if they can beat that price.

If you are definitely certain that you will hire an outside contractor or serviceman to handle your non-common area/element repairs, please be sure they are licensed. The provided renovation/remodeling options will connect you with fully licensed contractors/servicemen and handymen.

In addition, Parkchester South Condominium and Parkchester North Condominium maintains a skilled unionized staff including electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters and locksmiths and can perform non-common area/element repairs or installations for a fee. You can use the Parkchester home renovations and remodeling options to be quoted a price and then call the Parkchester Service Department to compare pricing.

In addition to skilled trades and construction staff, Parkchester South Condominium and Parkchester North Condominium employs highly competent and proficient Porters and Groundskeepers. To insure proper warranty and certification of the work as well as insurance and liability requirements, arrangements for those repairs can only be made through the Service Department. Private arrangements with members of staff are prohibited and a violation of our Rules and Regulations and Employment policies. Although residents interact directly with our Service Department, it is the Parkchester Operations Department that provides the service directly to our residents. 

Parkchester South Condominium also operates the 4th largest high pressure steam plant in the metropolitan area supplying heat and hot water to both the South and North Condominium, its combined 12,000 apartments and over 75 commercial enterprises. The plant and heat control stations are maintained by licensed Operating Engineers and Heat Control Mechanics.  Parkchester employs a professional staff of property managers and licensed managers in certain specialties such as Electrical and Steam Plant operations.

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