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Parkchester Preservation Management LLC

Parkchester Preservation Management LLC is one of several Parkchester departments.

Parkchester Preservation Management LLC is Parkchester's management company and renting office. Parkchester Preservation Management LLC is particularly responsible for handling Parkchester Preservation Management apartment rentals. They oversee the entire Parkchester apartment rental process, from the initial Parkchester apartment application process to viewing the available apartments and deciding approvals on a applicant-applicant basis and also move in steps. Parkchester Preservation Management LLC will also provide you with your new keys and building entrance cards.

Parkchester Preservation Management LLC offices

2000 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, New York 10462
1-718-319-8043 (phone)
1-718-536-2000 (phone)
1-718-319-8112 (fax)
Parkchester Preservation Management LLC phone numbers and street addresses

Parkchester Preservation Management LLC is only responsible for renting Parkchester apartments directly owned by Parkchester Preservation Management LLC. You must keep in mind some Parkchester apartment rentals are owned and rented entirely separate from Parkchester Preservation Management; these are Parkchester privately owned Parkchester apartments within the Parkchester vicinity and are rented either by individual Parkchester condominium unit owners who chose to rent their condominium units as apartments and/or realtors that work within the Parkchester, Bronx, New York area on behalf of individual condominium unit owners. See Parkchester apartments for rent by owners & realtors.

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