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The Parkchester Human Resources Department
1-718-319-8047 (phone)
1-718-320-6004 (fax)
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If you are interested in applying for a position with Parkchester South Condominium you may check back periodically for Parkchester job postings. If the position posted is one you are seeking, you may forward your resume along with a cover letter containing your objectives to the Parkchester Human Resources Department by fax to 1-718-320-6004. Parkchester Human Resources Department will contact you for an interview if an opening exist and your qualifications match the position they are seeking to fill. Resumes and applications are kept on file for six months.

Parkchester South Condominium has a staff of 360 employees including building maintenance personnel such as janitorial porters, groundskeepers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, locksmiths, painters, construction operators as well as operating engineers who maintain their steam generation plant and heating system. Parkchester also have public safety officers, recreation counselors, residential services administrative employees and managers.

Parkchester South Condominium works hard to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Parkchester is a Equal Opportunity Employer and maintain a drug free workplace.

Parkchester South Condominium's staff are represented by a number of labor unions including the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 808 (Porters, Groundskeepers and Construction), Teamsters, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 30 (Heating Plant), District Council of Carpenters Local 157, Metal Trades Board of Unions Local 638 (Plumbers), International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades Local 1456 and Local 19 and the Special Patrolmens' Benevolent Association Local 1. A number of these unions such as the Operating Engineers, Carpenters and Painters maintain apprenticeship programs and can be contacted directly for training resources and job referrals.

Parkchester North Condominium Human Resources Department can be contacted by calling the phone number listed above

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