is a neighborhood located in the Bronx, New York with a zip code of 10462. Parkchester NYC residents lifestyle can be classified as middle-class. The Parkchester neighborhood population resides in Parkchester private homes, Parkchester privately owned walk-up apartments buildings and more than 80,000 Parkchester neighborhood residents reside in Parkchester Apartment and Parkchester Condominium Complex.

Parkchester Apartment and Condominium Complex is managed by Parkchester Preservation Management which takes on the day to day Parkchester operations, specifically Parkchester South, and rentals of Parkchester apartments in the Parkchester South Condo (PSC) complex itself. Parkchester North, Parkchester North Condo (PNC) is separately managed by Parkchester North Management.

Parkchester homes, including Parkchester condos and Parkchester apartments, separate of Parkchester Apartment and Condominium Complex can be purchased from Parkchester real estate agents.

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